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japanWhen`s The Best Time To Travel To Japan?
Actually, this question is hard to answer because each month and season has something great to offer!  So a new kind of life started for Japanese students..`arbeito` from the German for part-time or temp work…and older men who were promised lifetime employment for themselves without an occupation…and it is and was very difficult for these ‘redundant` workers to find new jobs…so something that didn`t exist when we were first in Japan began to spiral…homelessness!!Travelling in Japan provides you with all manner of cultural sights, landscapes and unique experiences.  A step up from that are destinations like Mongolia, Borneo, Singapore, Brunei and cities like Kuala Lumpur, where your budget would stretch closer to £800, $1,300+ over a month because they are places with stronger economies, where prices are naturally higher or where activities and options for travel are harder to reach or organise on your own (and thus they know how to extract the most money from you!).Accommodation - Most hostels will charge between 2,500-4,000 JPY per night for a dorm room.  Our offices in Japan communicate threat information through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), post current threat information on the U.S. Embassy`s American Citizens Services (ACS) webpage , and disseminate relevant information via Twitter ( @ACSTokyo ). If you reside in or visit Japan, we encourage you to enroll in STEP , so that the Embassy can keep you up-to-date with important safety and security announcements.Sign up now to get the latest cheap flights, last minute deals, and vacation savings.  The Japanese Embassy in Romania wishes to inform that the Government of Japan, in order to facilitate travels and the cultural and commercial relations between Japan and Romania, decided to extend until December 31, 2018 (included) the implementation of the following measures on visa regime for Romanian citizens wishing to enter the territory of Japan, adopted on September 1, 2009 and valid until December 31, 2015,” the press release from the Embassy of Japan reads.You might already know that Japan has four distinct seasons, although temperatures can actually vary pretty significantly along the length of the country.  Japan is WAY better than it was even a decade ago (thanks to losing the Osaka Olympic bid in 2008 and two subsequent Tokyo bids due to being `non-foreign-friendly`) and now you can see signs in at least four languages in the big city, but I agree language is still a major problem for those who don`t know it and are visiting (with no friends to help them), and they have to improve this before 2020.
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But I have to disagree with some of the problems the article pointed out (it shows a lot of misinformation): -major stations and some tourist spots in Japan are pretty foreigner friendly, with texts in English and sometimes Korean, Chinese and Portuguese; -even if most Japanese people can`t speak good English, they at least try to help the lost tourist.Anyway, in the past these countries` people weren`t rich enough to afford a travel to Japan, while now many of them can, because of the improvement of their countries` economy, and are visiting Japan, but at the same time, these countries have also harsh relations with Japan, so, for example, I believe many Chinese prefer to visit Korea or Taiwan rather than Japan.The only way around that really is for Japan to have a lot of english speaking tour companies that seem very inexpensive and accommodating and start adding very easy to read and clear English signage on everything where the Japanese want people to go. I can say now, even me being able to read japanese, i have had tough times just trying to get around tokyo, let alone from tokyo out to Disney or a palace, Mt Fuji or get over to some other city.When I was still living full time in Japan I met someone who worked for the tourism bureau and they were studying how to increase tourism, so they sent out a survey to hotel owners in areas they deemed attractive to tourists and asked if they would be interested in free translations of their materials into English and some basic English training that would included a list of common phrases written in kanji and English, so the tourists could point to what their need was.I have just come across this article, I have found Japan to be no more expensive than New Zealand, I would struggle to get around the country with out my Japanese wife, there is English around, the JR rail has a massive board up where all the trains go in Japanese and the ticket machines have an English option but if I can`t read the board to know how much to pay for a ticket even though the machine is in English it is of no use to me. Japan is an amazing place to see!